(Cracked Analogue)

HERON vs HERON is the 2nd Long Player from The Artist Currently Known As HERON. If HERON's debut 'The Brown Room' (Virgin/Cracked Analogue) could be considered 'lo-fi' then this one is probably best described as 'lo-hi'.

Maintaining all the elements that make up his so called 'Cracked Analogue' sound, HERON vs HERON is again a mixed up fusion of styles, sounds, beats and vocals. HERON writes, produces and performs all the tracks, with the exception of some incredible guest performances by Dave Westlake (Sneaker Pimps) on drums, Gurmeet Sian on dilruba and Jim Abiss, who co-produces 5 of the tracks. Iestyn Polson also provides additional production on Smoking In Bed.

"I think this is a good record. I don't know if it's a great record but I know it's not a bad record. As far as second albums go, I think it's more accessible than Terrence Trent D'Arby's 'Neither Fish Nor Flesh' but maybe not quite as accessible as Madonna's 'Like A Virgin' LP. Actually it doesn't sound much like either of those records. In fact I don't know why I mentioned them. It's a pretty melodic record with a healthy dose of darkness. But definitely not darkness for the sake of darkness though, and certainly nothing like that band The Darkness. More of a subtle darkness. The kind of darkness you feel when you spend too much time alone thinking how dark things can be."

"It would be nice to think that at least one other person in the world liked this record too though, as that would somehow imply a faint connection with the outside world, but if nobody likes it there's not much I can do about it. I don't expect people to like it but I also don't expect people to dislike it. It's just there to be discovered if people want to discover it. I like the idea of records just finding their natural place in the world. "
Written, produced, performed and mixed by HERON except where indicated

Mastered by Steve Rooke at Abbey Road

All tracks recorded in The Brown Room

Additional recording, production and mix on tracks 1, 3, 6, 8 and 9 at Mayfair Studios by Jim Abbiss
Engineered by Barney
Assisted by Ben Thackeray
Track 4 mixed at Parr Street Studios by Mark Phythian & HERON
Assisted by Jon Withnall
Track 2 mixed at Eden Studios by Hugo Nicholson & HERON
Track 2 additional production by Iestyn Polsen

Cracked Analogue Tape Transferal by Andrea Wright at Parr Street Studios.
Also thanks to Nick Webb and Sean Magee at Abbey Road Studios for additional mastering solutions

My dirty work: Sarah Williams (aka DJ Law)

Very special thanks to:

Ann & Jim Heron, my family & David Boyd
Also thanks to everyone who has helped, worked with and supported me.
I hope you know who you are.

This record is dedicated to Ann Heron.

(c) Cracked Analogue Limited
(p) Copyright Control.


The Brown Room was the debut album from HERON and was recorded in the room it was named after, due to the distinctive sound and vibe that shaped it's very existence. Recorded on an 8-track recorder using an array of keyboards, guitars and ramshackle instruments found mostly at car boot sales and flea markets, the record was limited to just 300 copies on vinyl and 500 copies on CD. It was preceded by 2 double b-sided vinyl only 7 inch singles on Cracked Analogue.

Written, produced, performed and mixed by HERON

Mastered by Tim Young at Metropolis

All tracks recorded in The Brown Room

(c) Virgin/EMI
(p) Copyright Control.


(Cracked Analogue)

This recording is called 'Not For Sale' and as the title suggests, it was never available to buy. Each batch was hand delivered to individually selected stores  in the UK and the US. Some stores were not even made aware that they had a copy in stock, with secret copies placed in the section marked HERON or H and simply left to be discovered. There are only 499 physical copies in existence, almost all of which of which are already floating around right now. Each CD was lovingly numbered and embossed by hand and then shrink wrapped in plastic so as to keep the music from slipping out before it reached you. If you were unable to track down the full length hard copy of 'Not For Sale' then you can download a slightly shorter version of it here for FREE.

Written, produced & performed by HERON

Mastered by Jennifer Yesterday at The Rainbow Motel

Recorded in The Brown Room

(c) Cracked Analogue
(p) Copyright Control.

(Cracked Analogue)

This recording of Every Little Thing was recorded live in The Brown Room.

Written, recorded & performed by HERON

Mastered by Steve Rooke at Abbey Road

(c) Cracked Analogue
(p) Copyright Control.