Music Maker, Photo Taker, Film Shooter, Designer, Occasional Actor,

Retired Television Presenter, Dreamer,

Tennis Coach, Princeologist,

Contemplator, Hustler


Thanks for dropping by. My name is Heron and I like making things. This is the digital home for some of my 'Cracked Analogue' creations. These include music, film, photography, and design. If you haven't already, I hope that you'll find something you enjoy.

I am a recording artist, songwriter, producer and mix engineer with major-label experience and create from my studio here at Cracked Analogue. If you connect with any of my works and would like to collaborate, feel free to get in touch. While I love to work alone, I'm also excited about exploring new avenues of expression and embarking on interesting creative escapades with kindred spirits.

Not For Sale

'Not For Sale' by Heron is now available to stream on Spotify / Apple Music. There are only 499 physical copies in existence, many of which were distributed by hand, not just in the UK but also in the US, Germany and even China. Some remaining copies were made available through Cracked Analogue directly. Each CD was lovingly numbered, embossed with a bespoke stamp and shrink-wrapped in plastic. 

This is the first time it has appeared on major streaming services but doesn't include the musical palindrome version, which is only available on the original CD.

Written, Produced & Performed by Heron

Mastered by Steve Rooke @ Abbey Road

Cathy Jain

I am proud to announce that one of the latest projects at Cracked Analogue is the collaboration between myself and the uber-talented Cathy Jain. At just 15, Cathy’s debut single ‘I See Us In Heaven’ was made remotely from her bedroom in the UK and my studio in India. It was quickly picked up by BBC Introducing and then featured on Radio 1's Hot List. During our long-distance collaboration, Cathy has recorded and released several more singles independently throughout 2020/21.

'On June 18th 2021, Cathy signed her first record deal with Yala! Records and released the blissful, slo-fi, soul-jam 'Cool Kid'. It was awarded Record Of The Week on BBC Radio One, play-listed on NME Best New Tracks as well as Spotify's New Music Friday.

'Artificial' followed in August, with the psychedelic blues of 'Green Screen’ in September continuing an amazing breakthrough year for Cathy. 'Green Screen' has been repeatedly played on Radio One and 6 Music and described by Lauren Laverne as 'her favourite track at the moment.'

All four songs are to be released as a strictly limited edition vinyl EP entitled 'Artificial' on November 5th, 2021. All tracks were co-written, produced, mixed & co-performed by Heron @ Cracked Analogue.




'This is the only filmed live recording of the song 'Every Little Thing' from my debut album 'The Brown Room'. It was recorded in my old home studio of the same name.

It was a real pleasure to be interviewed by musical maverick Cathy Jain. Amongst other things, we discuss our remote collaboration, Frank Ocean, Frank Zappa and her third single ‘Green Screen’.



As a recording artist, I have major record label experience, writing, producing, performing & mixing my own material. I also collaborate with other artists with whom I feel a connection.


My recordings have been released through Virgin/EMI as well as my Cracked Analogue label. They have also featured in motion pictures & advertisement campaigns.


Recordings are produced & mixed from my own studio or using laptops and mobile devices. All personal commercial releases were mastered at Abbey Road and Metropolis.


Having written & presented TV shows on ITV UK, I also direct and edit films/music videos. I am a former voting member of the British Academy of Film & Television Arts (BAFTA).


A Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera or iPhone is my preferred way of shooting these days. I edit with any apps I can get my hands on and Davinci Resolve.

Music Equipment

My current setup is minimal, based around a MacBook Pro, Universal Audio Interface, and a few other bits and pieces listed in the studio section.


Heron Recording Studio


Vinyl Record Artwork Umbrella
Vinyl Record Artwork Jukebox Saloon by Heron
Vinyl Record Artwork Turn The Page
The Brown Room Album Artwork
Vinyl Record Umbrella
Vinyl Record Artwork Jukebox Saloon
Vinyl Record Artwork Truth In Time
Artwork Not For Sale by Heron
Vinyl Record Artwork Punk Muthafucka
Vinyl Record Lemon Aid
Vinyl Record Artwork 15 Speakers
Heron Vs Heron Artwork
Vinyl Record Punk Muthafucka
Vinyl Record Artwork Lemon Aid by Heron
Acetate Hustler Artwork


SNOW is a film directed by Washington Buckley. Like many interesting and spontaneous occurrences in my life, I met him one day in a cinema in the city centre of Liverpool. He asked me if I would become a character in a film he was making. After a brief and fascinating conversation, I obliged. At that stage, the film was almost complete, and I played a small role as a taxi driver. He then asked me if I would perform a larger role in his next film SNOW. Billed as an anti-road movie, there would be no script, and the film improvised. The video above includes only the scenes in which I appear.


Most of my time is spent recording music, taking pictures or making films. I am a free spirit and create whenever I can, either in the studio or on the move using my iPhone, iPad or Blackmagic Camera.

My approach is explorative, experimental, playful, uncensored, uninhibited, and often unashamedly melodic. The process is mostly spontaneous and I try not to overthink it. Hit me up if you feel like collaborating!


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Goa, India

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